Master Hashem Vazirizadeh

The late Master Hashim Vazirizadeh, the founder of karate in Kerman and Khorasan provinces, was born in 1945 in Kerman city. After completing his education and obtaining a diploma in 1961, he entered the army and served in the special brigade of the green berets

While serving in the army, he got to know the sport of karate and in 1970 he founded the sport of karate in Khorasan province and students such as

Master Hassan Hojjatian (one of the great coaches of the country and Mashhad)

Master Fereydon Sharif Javaheri (with 20 years of experience as head of Khorasan karate board)

Master Hamed Moghadam (one of Mashhad karate coaches and veterans)

Master Hashem Mehdizadeh (one of Mashhad karate coaches and veterans)

Master Mohammad Mashhadhi (one of Mashhad karate coaches and veterans)

master Roshanaee (founder of Khorasan Kyokushin Karate)

Master Hojjatian (champion and former national karate champion of Iran)

And in the next generation, heroes such as Hasan Watanchi with a history of national championship, Akbar Moradi, Mohammad Reza Attaran, Mohsen Mojaradi and Bahram Roshan nejad, who have a history of national championship and membership in the national karate teams of Iran, delivered the society and sports of Greater Khorasan province

Master Hashem Vazirizadeh resigned from the army in 1971 and founded karate in Kerman province in 1975. He played an influential role in the growth and success of karate in Kerman, as one of the 24 karate nationals of Kerman province. Two unattainable records, winning the gold medal of the Islamic countries, as well as winning the silver medal and the runner-up in the world youth kata championship, were achieved by his students, honors that have not been replaced by any other athlete

Japan – 1983

Other prominent students of the Master

Lieutenant General Martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani

Martyr Lieutenant General Haj Qassem Soleimani was very interested in the sport of karate and was taught karate by master Hashem Vazirizadeh (according to his handwriting in his diary)

Master Mohsen Rashidi with 20 years experience of coaching national karate teams and manager of kata teams of Karate Federation

Master Reza Mir Habibi, Consul member of Iranian Referee Council and head coach of Pakistan national team

Master Masoud Seyedi, with a history of being the head of the Iran Referees Council, the West Asian Federation and a member of the World Referees Consul

Master Shujaei, a member of the faculty of Kerman University

Master Mohammad Mohammad Khani, a member of the world referees’ council and a teacher of the federation

Master Rahmanian, Master Mehdi and Abbas Rahmani (one of the veterans and former karate nationals)

The late Javad Kashani, the founder of Kerman Kyokushin Karate

Master Saheb Al-Zamani, the secretary of the federation and the head coach of the national team of students and the head of the Karate Association of the Ministry of Science, Research and Higher Education

Master Mohammad Hasni, with a decade of experience as a bodybuilding coach of the country’s national karate team

Master Momenai is one of the veterans and one of the prominent teachers of Kerman Kyokushin Karate

Master Hashem Vazirizadeh – next to – Master Farhad Varasteh

Finally, in 1985, while he was on his way to Japan to introduce one of the most famous styles of karate in the world (Goju Ryu) to the country for the first time, unfortunately, on the way from Kerman to Zarand city, while he was planning to visit one of the clubs of this They had an accident on the way to the city and died

may their soul rest in peace and their memory cherished

Japan – 1983
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